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For over two decades, Sam Allcock has been a leading force in the digital world, enhancing the online presence of renowned brands like Red Bull, Nokia, and Liverpool FC. His journey began in the early 2000s, diving into domain name investments and mastering the art of SEO. This hands-on experience shaped his profound expertise in online marketing and digital asset valuation.

Major tech players, including Laptops Direct and Memory Bits, soon recognized his talent, enlisting him to elevate their SEO game. In no time, Sam was propelling these brands to the top of search results for highly competitive terms, boosting their revenues substantially.

By 2007, leveraging his accumulated wisdom, Sam launched Custard, an SEO agency catering primarily to diverse SME ecommerce enterprises. The Manchester-based agency, under Sam's stewardship, quickly scaled, boasting a million-pound turnover within its initial two years. Catering to a variety of sectors, from finance to sports and travel, Custard soon expanded its services to meet the dynamic demands of digital marketing. This growth trajectory necessitated an influx of talent, and Manchester's bustling city centre became the hub for Custard's workforce, which ballooned to over 50 specialists in various domains.

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Post-2018, after the successful sale of Custard, Sam channeled his energy into PR Fire, a revolutionary SAAS platform designed to democratize PR. Nestled in the quaint Cheshire village of Hale, PR Fire's mission is simple yet impactful: offer businesses swift and affordable media coverage. To date, the platform has catapulted over 10,000 businesses into the limelight, with features in prestigious outlets like the BBC and the New York Times.

But Sam's contributions to the digital space doesn’t end there. He's an influential voice in domain investment, has advisory roles in regional news agencies, and is a contributor to platforms like Huffington Post and HubSpot. His digital footprint also includes an assortment of news media outlets, such as News Anyway and Business Cheshire.

Going forward, Sam envisions a global footprint for PR Fire, with a particular focus on the US market. Ever the innovator, he's brimming with plans, from tools that enhance media monitoring to intriguing B2C ventures.

Sam has been a leading force in the digital world